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Hey, I'm Cristian!

I build web applications, from their data modeling to their design. I am a continuous learner, curious, proactive, and tech-passionated, who wants to contribute to his region's development through technology and software engineering.

Technical Skills

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User-focused design, with an easy-to-use structure and meaningful interactions.

  • User Experience design
  • User Interface design
  • Mobile & Web design
  • Responsive design patterns
  • Figma (wireframes, mockups & prototypes)
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Responsive and adaptable apps and sites, accessible, dynamic, fast, and scalable.

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • React & Next.js
  • React native
  • Redux
  • Vue.js & Nuxt.js
  • Angular
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • SASS
  • Tailwind CSS & Material design
  • PostCSS
  • Technical SEO
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Backend & Databases

Reliable business logic, efficient data management and effective APIs for client consumption.

  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • NodeJS, Express & Fastify
  • Python, FastAPI & Django
  • Golang
  • REST Architecture
  • GraphQL
  • Web services
  • SQL, MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • Sequelize & Prisma
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Redis
  • Dgraph
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CI/CD & DevOps

Agile development with quality assurance, testing, and tasks' automation.

  • Travis & Jenkins
  • GitHub actions
  • GitLab pipelines
  • Docker
  • Linux servers
  • Google Cloud Platform

Recent Work

Last project

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Full Stack project made with Dgraph & Golang with Chi router for Backend, and Vue.js & Vuetify for Frontend, containerized with Docker.Visit GitHub

Featured project

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Full Stack project made with PERN stack (PostgreSQL, React & Redux for the Frontend, and NodeJS with Express for the Backend).Visit Website